Web Physiotherapy







What We Do

Web Physiotherapy provides Online physiotherapy services via video calling software. Whether you live in a rural or remote area, are unable to drive, are time poor or simply want an honest, hassle free option for your Physiotherapy needs we are here to help


How It Works

1. Book in an appointment via our calender and provide information regarding your injury

2. You will have a 30 minute consultation VIA videochat where your physiotherapist will clarify your history and do some simple assesments. 

3. Your physiotherapist will give you a diagnosis and advice about your injury and will start you off with a comprehensive rehabilitation program

4. Book follow up appointments as needed


About Us

Up to 31% of Australian's Live in a Rural or Remote area, where access to healthcare is sometimes limited. Web Physiotherapy was developed to allow access to high level Physiotherapy care to those who have previously been unable to access this service.